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You have a funny accent


I had a fantastic working experience at my former job and practically loved every moment on the job. I spent a whole year working with the company and it was time to move on. Being the type of person that loves getting feedback, I asked my boss, "what made you hire me? As in, what did you see in my CV that got me hired?" He looked at me and said, "Several people applied for that position and we rang them all up. When we called you; first, we were amused by the fact that you have a funny accent; second, for every question we asked, you exclaimed "awesome" to usher in your response. We were like, "this guy must be highly motivated" and we just couldn't wait to meet you". You see, I am always fond of exclaiming that 7-letter word "AWESOME!", not because everything is but because I always feel awesome. When I got to New Zealand, I found that kiwis love the word; and for a way to express the optimist on my inside, I picked it up. So, when you ask, "Sam, how are you doing?" I may likely answer, "Awesome!" haha

The life of an average man is filled with opportunities; many that he'd miss and some that he'd avail himself of. Most opportunities are missed because people are not optimistic about life. They've allowed life situations to kill the 'awesome' on their inside. As a result, they beam negativity to the outside. Tell me, who wants to hire or be friends with a negative person? Well, except someone equally negative. Everyone likes to have a positive person around them. Positive people respond well to life. They make everything look awesome even when it doesn't look like it. They may have a funny accent but they are rare people; they are of the rare breed.

I am personally very allergic to negative people. They make me sick. I feel irritated when I'm around people who just don't have anything else to talk about than complain about the government, their family, their job, spouse or life as a whole. All they do is report faults and paint negative pictures of people, events, communities or life as a whole. It's hard to get motivated when you're around such people. If you want to go far in life, disconnect yourself from such people. When the weather is only cloudy, they will tell you it's raining. When they see light at the end of the tunnel, they'd tell you it's a train and probably advice you to start saying your last prayer. 

My dear reader, life is awesome and so are you! Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. When you have this orientation, you will easily have a can-do attitude to everything. Positive people will associate with you and guess what, you'll easily get hired too! My message to you is simple: You may have a funny accent but don't you fail to have a positive perspective of life!

NB: My blog has a new outlook. YAY! This is the kind of template I've always loved and I promise I will not be changing it again soon. LOL.  Tell me if you like it. Thanks for reading. God bless you.

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I hit him at the wrong place


Sometime back, I was opportune to play in a football tournament. We had a game in the finals of the competition with a fellow African team and it was very intense. Personally, I don't like to lose such games. I give 150% on the pitch to win them. On this fateful day, we were playing very well until someone kicked me from behind and failed to apologise. I was hurt and instead of focusing on the big picture, which was, winning that game and advancing to the next round, my natural self was focused on how I'd return the 'favour' and perhaps cause more hurt than he caused me. I stopped playing fairly and was all out to get back at him. I had my chance; however, I hit him at the wrong place - right underneath the studs of his boots. He was not hurt but I sustained a knee injury that kept me out for six weeks. That was not the only price I had to pay; my team lost too and of course, failed to advance into the next round.

Many people have missed the mark in life because they fail to retain in their hearts, the big picture. Little occurrences distracts them from the main goal. They switch off at the sight of small battles and end up losing the war. For instance, you've been working in a particular organisation for some years and suddenly someone insignificant started hating on you. Because of that, you are now finding it hard to move on and without having secured another job, you resign from that position, failing to see the bigger picture! Peradventure, its one paper proving very difficult in the field of study you have chosen at school and because of that, you chose to waste a whole year by opting out of that course for another, failing to see the bigger picture! You keep moving from one relationship to the other claiming your ex's have issues; perhaps you got out of some of them too early,  failing to see the bigger picture!

There is always a price to pay when the big picture is not in perspective. What happens is, you keep quitting till you can no longer quit. You keep getting pushed to the wall until there is nowhere else to go. You live your whole life in regrets wishing you had focused on the bigger picture. Maybe this is how you've been living life before now; but with this post, I would like to implore you; from henceforth, quit quitting at the slightest sight of challenges, setbacks, or pain. Focus on the big picture. See what else might be in it for you beyond that particular predicament that is poking you right in the face. Don't lose sight of the main goal. Keep on keeping on; there will always be a way out.

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- Le Dynamique Professeur

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