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"Thank you for the other day"


Two weeks ago I hopped on the train from school, on my way home. I had a 'ten ride' train ticket with me. You know the kind that holes are punched into for each ride you take? Yeah, that's the one I'm talking about. It was late in the night, I wanted to buy another as all I had left was the last hole, meaning the next morning, I'd have to pay cash. The consequence of paying cash is losing my student-fare privilege of 40% off. I do study till late nights these days and had no choice but to pay for my own "sins". Back to the train ride. The train warder approached me for my ticket, I presented the one-hole remaining to be punched. He looked me in the eye and asked, "do you have a new one yet?". "No sir, the kiosk was no longer opened when I got there". He smiled and refused to be punch the hole. He gave it back to me and said, "you can use that tomorrow morning on your way to school". So excited, I said to him, "Thank you very much sir". I buried myself back into the journal articles I had printed to last me the 55mins journey.

A few days later, on my way home again, same time, but a different scenario. This time I had a ticket with only a few holes punched. It was the same train warder I met the other day; he approached me and as usual, asked for my ticket. While I presented it to him, just as he was about to punch a hole in it, I said, "thank you for the other day sir". He looked me straight in the eye, refused to punch the whole, smiled and gave it back to me. He did not say a word but I caught the lesson: "the grateful will keep getting blessed" GBAM!

Let me ask you my sweet reader, when was the last time those words came out of your mouth; "thank you for the other day"? Have you said that to your maker lately? When last did you say this to your boss in the office; even your colleagues? Have you ever said that to your spouse? I mean, do you think it is important to return to anyone that has done you good and say thank you again? I just heard someone say, "again?!" Yes, again! I meant it when I said it. 

I know things are not always the way you want them but you can change that by choosing to always be grateful. I know that person that did you good recently isn't always like that, but at least, he/she did it. Quit the habit of taking things for granted. A little appreciation; maybe I should say re-appreciation can go a long way. You never know; it could get you a job tomorrow; it could fix you up for a promotion; it could get you a friend you will always thank God for. Most importantly, every day of your life, when you wake up from sleep, its one of the best times to say to God, "thank you again". There are many people without the opportunity of sleeping and waking up in peace and here you are, you get that blessing every single day, again and again... Don't be an ingrate; don't take things for granted; form an habit of appreciating people more than once.

Thanks for reading.

- Le Dynamique Professeur

The Heart of a Champion | Guest post by Damore


Some years ago, I went out to visit my aunt, where I saw my baby cousin learning how to walk. I was amazed! For some reason, watching her stagger on her tiny feet moved me to tears. My aunt and I were cheering her, when all of a sudden she fell hard and flat on her face. I was scared! A big frown replaced my smile instantly. The moment I tried to reach out for her, I felt my aunts grip tighten on my arm as she said amidst laughter 'aba! You too dey fear. Just watch her; she'd stand up by herself.' And truly, in what seemed like seconds, Hali staggered up on her tiny feet and continued her journey to wherever it was that she was going. . Then I heard my aunt scream out 'yeah! That’s my champion!' Champion, you say? Yes, champion of course!

Who is a champion? My dictionary defines a champion as the best competitor, or a supporter. Correct, of course! Nevertheless, I say a champion is someone who stands stronger and taller after every fall, just like my baby Hali :).

Everyone was born to be a champion. The only thing is that some of us do not realise it. Once you realise the fact that you were born to win; that Amaka at your school, or Chibuzor in your office, or any of such other people that always seem to win everything everywhere, only win because you let them to; because you've probably not tried giving yourself the much deserved chance at what they do; or perhaps you are just not where you were destined to shine; and that, just if you'd find the best means to develop your talent, you can very much become like them, or even better than them, you automatically become a champion!

Most times we do not want to try something new, because we are scared of failure; or perhaps success! We think that if we try that new thing, it might not work out, but I challenge you with this- just what if 'it' works out? Why not try out that idea tugging at your mind today. Maybe it wouldn't work out? Maybe people would mock you as a failure. Who is a failure anyway, other than one who can try, but fails to try? A failure is not one who tried many times and failed, but one who failed many times, to try! A failure is one who quits trying.

Have you not heard of Thomas Edison, an American who was reported to have made 10,000 attempts (not 1, not 1,000) before perfecting the electric bulb? When asked the secret of his success, he said 'success is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration!' nice! Did you also see what I saw? Maybe not! He tried for 9,999 times and FAILED! However, on the 10,000th trial, he made history, and today, he is not a failure, and he is not ‘just a successful person’ but also a Legend!

If he had tried putting a square peg, in a round hole (putting his talent into wrong use), he may not have made it! If he had not tried, he would not have made it! If he were not determined to make it work, he would not have made it! If he did not persist regardless of what people thought, he would not have made it! So you see, he tried and persisted; he fell and stood again; he failed and failed again, but in the end, he made it! He was a champion!  

The heart of a champion is made of real gold, such that the passage of time and the travails of life do not deter it! Nothing in life is easy; but anything worth having is worth striving and fighting for! If we do not fall, we will not appreciate what it feels like to stand up tall. Successful people do not just become successful, they work, strive, stomach insults, criticisms, hatred, disappointments. . Name it!

You are a champion! You were born to win! In your heart is the urge to find where you really fit, the zeal to work your skill and win, the will to keep trying when you don't make it, and the conviction that if 'they' can do 'it', you can do very much better at 'it'!

Wirrten by Damore, a wonderful writer and friend.

Sorry, we don't fix it


Last week Saturday I took my car to a pick-a-part shop. Someone had earlier broken the rear wiper where I parked it while playing soccer. I needed to fix it as I will be getting my Warrant of Fitness sorted soon. Without the rear wiper, it is certain my car would not pass the Warrant of Fitness test. So, I got to the shop and asked for a rear wiper for my type of car. The guy went in and brought me one. Before I paid, I asked if they fix it too and he said, "sorry, we don't fix it". I was almost turning away; thinking of going to get it where they would help fix it but I got a hunch to buy it and then perhaps go else where to fix it. 

Before paying for it, I asked if I could check whether its the right one. While checking, it dawned on me, "Wait, you could fix this yourself". I responded to the voice, "huh? But how". "If only you can get a small size spanner, you can get it fixed". I went back in, paid for the wiper and asked if I could get a small size spanner. To my amazement, the guy handed one to me. Within a matter of 2 minutes and no extra charge at all, I was done fixing my wiper. Then it dawned on me, I could have spent extra paying for  fixing the wiper. 

How many times in life we have had to pay extra because we fail to try? Trying is not weakness, its an effort towards achievement. Every mathematical theorem started as a trial and error; hypothesis before they got proven. No man can achieve or become anything without trying. My aim with this post is to encourage you in your pursuit to not stop trying. Keep trying to reach your goal; keep trying to fulfill your dreams; keep trying... the end of a man that tries always justifies his effort. I'll leave you with these beautiful quotes: 

There is no comparison between that which is lost by not succeeding and that which is lost by not trying - Francis Bacon
Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying - W. Clement Stone
If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again - William E. Hickson
The best angle from which to approach a problem is the Try-angle - Unknown
Set your target and keep trying until you reach it - Napoleon Hill
Try and fail, but don't fail to try - Stephen Kaggwa
Failure doesn't mean you are a failure; it just means you haven't succeeded yet [keep trying] - Robert Schuller
In the end, the only people who fail are those who don't try - David Viscott
Even if you fail, you can boldly say, "I tried" - Samuel Ekundayo LDP (me)

Thanks for reading

- Le Dynamique Professeur

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