You too can look forward

I recently got a research contract with a tertiary institution here in New Zealand. I was to help interview participants of the research and transcribe the interviews to be ready for analysis later.  While the interview part seems easy, the transcription part of the job was the most difficult part. I literally struggle when it comes to transcribing long conversations. The shortest of the interviews had a duration of 20mins while the longest was over an hour and I had a deadline they must be completed by. I was able to complete the transcription but I believe what kept me through was the fact that I was looking forward to being paid at the end. I just could not wait to finish them. I pushed through every hurdle to see through the contract.

There are many difficulties in life that burden us; frustrate us, torture us and sometimes push us to our limits! We struggle, we fight, we lobby, push, pull, scream and yell. What often doesn't come to mind at such times is what we stand to gain if we scale that hurdle. We get so encumbered by the seeming weight that besets us and thus find it hard to look upward and forward. Whereas, if the goal is in sight, the burden will be less and the end would not seem very far away.

I am reminded of a formula a friend once gave me; "Sam, anytime you are doing something you don't really like doing; start listening to your favourite song and you wouldn't feel your worse doing it." I believe the favorite music here would be looking onto the reward at the end. Just like the bible says, "weeping may endure for the night, joy comes in the morning". Look to the morning and I am sure you won't feel the darkness of the night.

- Le Dynamique Professeur
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PS: Apologies, I've been extra ordinarily busy with exam preps and a new job is why I have been a little absent here on blogsville. I would like to believe I am back now. Thank you all for understanding.

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  1. Okay ooo. Let's really feel your presence o.

  2. Yay! Welcome back Dr. LDP. lol! Thanks for sharing this. I'll look forward in those difficult moments.

  3. This post is just meant for me... I am in the middle of Exam preparations and its just soo hard i have to say... right now, i just imagined myself telling a friend my result and i smiled... back to work!

  4. Same as looking at the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

    Welcome back

  5. Err..welcome back. Please stay for real this time and God's best with the exams (if they haven't been written).

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Just yesterday, I was saying I had to read from you!The miles surely feel shorter with our eyes on the prize! Many thanx for this, LDP.

  7. What if there are no visible or even invisible rewards in sight... What then do you look forward to? :(

  8. LDP is back! All the best in your exams...

  9. Good question Nutty J. I do think there's always a reward somewhere ...even if its the proverbial heavenly reward.
    So LDP, how about a reward for commenting? Can I send my account number? Lol

  10. This was for me. I will not stop holding. Joy will come in the morning.

  11. blessings.....
    There are some challenges that buckle your knees, yes you have to keep going and one of the keys is to find motivation in yourself, in your support system (love ones/friends) and most of all God.

    Stay blessed and keep it moving
    Stay blessed

  12. The key to stay motivated is never to take your eyes of the goal.Nice post!


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