Caught Off Guard

After years of working for Bronze Bank, on the 4th of January, Ezekiel was handed a letter relieving him of his duties with the bank. It was unexpected as he thought he was a priceless asset to the company. The letter reads, "Dear Mr Ezekiel, the company is currently going through a phase of restructuring and as such, the board of trustees have decided to relieve some people of their respective jobs. We regret to annouce to you that you are one of them. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and support over the years. We wish you the best in your future endeavour".

What was not written in the letter above is the fact that throughout Ezekiel's span of 15 years at Bronze bank, he had not added feather to his crown. He was so caught up in the comfort and seeming security of his job that he made no attempt to develop himself either academically or professionally. He was merely counting on the experience he was gaining at the company.

Beloved, may I appeal to you through this medium to never be too comfortable with where you are! In life, those who are too comfortable are often caught off guard! Often times, they are victims of change! And you know something about change? It is inevitable. Change may delay but it'd certainly come and when it comes, sometimes, like a flood, it carts away people and their properties with it.

If you are yet to make a resolution for this year, make this one! Rise above the flood this year by refusing to too comfortable where you are. Start doing something to increase your value. Let it not be that you will be at the same level you were in 2011 by the end of 2012. Do something about your career! Do something about your marriage! Go for a course! Challenge yourself to another degree! Read more books! Complete that course you have taken a break from all these while. Learn another trade! Aim for another certificate! simply put, DEVELOP YOURSELF!

Thanks for reading... Blessings :)

- Le Dynamique Professeur

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15 Responses to “Caught Off Guard”

  1. Wow this is really inspiring..... More insight bro

  2. Sitting there comfortably, "we" often feel relax most especially if the job pays higher than our initial expectations. However we also need to meet the expectation of the job. Adding value to yourself lies not in your experience but in constant improvement, viz a viz learning, academic, spiritual and other forms. Nice reminder prof.

  3. I can't even recall ever being the first to make a comment here....Guess I'm also developing
    Thanks for the encouragement....sometimes what we need is someone to push us. Have a beautiful year....

  4. totally agree with this post.. and i am already working on this :)

    thanks for sharing..

  5. I heard that getting too comfortable is a bad thing. It causes stagnancy and makes us stink. God help me

  6. Ah, LDP, you made a very important point here: Develop yourself. I think we take it for granted that after struggling to get that job or achieved that "goal" we don't need to do anything else ... just cruise! But, it has become clear that today those who will not drown in the coming floods are those who try to stay a step ahead by anticipating, welcoming and adapting to change. Thanks for sharing this ... so, so necessary.

  7. Ok, i needed to hear this. I also work in a bank and it's so true what you said about been comfortable and forgetting to develop yourself. I remember the Tsunami that hit the banks in 2009. It was so unexpected and my friends that were hit were in shock. Sadly, some of them haven't recovered fully even till now. I keep telling myself to develop myself cos really there is no security in the banks. You could be the most hardworking staff and even your colleagues and customers would attest to that, but you could be the next to be laid off. I needed to read this to reawaken my resolve to develop myself and even move on from the banking sector to other things. Thanks for sharing. Been following your blog silently, this is my first time to comment.

  8. Thanx for the word, Chief. Timely and apt as ever. Sadly, I dont have the patience for yearly resolutions; I make mine daily - an it's just as you've said. To be better at the next check point is the ultimate aim.

    Gotta apologise again for my long lay-off. Your spot is a true source of inspiration.

    Bagged that PhD yet? ;)

  9. Happy New Year and a very strong point you have raised here. Develop yourself, learn something different that will add value to you; leave your comfort zone.

  10. Great reminder. God help us that comfort doesn't lead to our doom.

  11. Blessings and happy new year.

    In life one must never taken anything, anyone or any situtation for granted.

    Peace and blessings.
    happy new year to you and yours, may laughter and joy adhere to your home, your heart and soul.


  12. Thanks a lot for this Prof. God bless you!!

  13. Just the wake up call i needed, bless your heart

  14. Bless you LDP. Your last paragraph made me wanna jump up and start doing things!! I'm on fire :)


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