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When the wind blows and the rain descends
He is not long shaken by financial Collapse
Or catastrophe. 

It is only the poverty minded that jump out 
of the windows when they lose everything.

The wealthy person cannot lose his wealth.
His wealth is infinitely portable, 
For it resides in his head
There lies his only security 

- Robert G. Allen

In life there are two kinds of people; winners and quitters. There is no sitting on the fence here. It's either you are a resolved winner or a complete loser. Winners are those with a realization that quitting is for cowards. They don't get discouraged even though situations may look hopeless. They still hope because they are aware, it is often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock. Even in trying times, they don't quit trying! I got to read about the post-it story recently and it fueled my resolve.

Arthur Fry always kept losing his paperwork. He was a failure at organizing things properly such that he was never able to keep track of the notes which he wrote himself. One day he discovered that his company, 3M, had invented a glue which couldn't stick very well. In other words, a glue that failed! It could only hold a piece of paper to something which could also be easily peeled off. Because Fry wouldn't give up, he believed something could come out of the failed glue. Suddenly he realized, the failed glue was exactly what he needed to put all his notes in nice order. That was the idea he later presented to his company, popularly referred to as Post-it®. For the idea, Fry for 1% of the sale for life. Annually, 3M sells over US$100million worth of Post-it. I'd leave you to do the math.

Failure is simply defined as "I quit!" The path of an abject failure is often characterized by ceaseless quit junctures. The reason is because he has mastered the art of throwing in the towel at the sight of every challenge. Sadly, the world no longer has time for failures. In the words of Henry Fodsick, "the world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it". IBM's Thomas Watson was once asked if he was going to fire an employee who made a mistake that cost IBM $600,000. He replied, "you must be joking! I just spent $600,000 training him. Why would I want somebody to hire his experience?" I love the words Henry Ford when he said, "I am looking for men who have an infinite capacity to NOT know what can't be done".

Oh, I want to be one of such men. I don't know about you, but for me, I have made a resolve to never be a quitter. I have resolved that failure will never get the best of me. I have resolved never to walk the path of an abject failure. I have also resolved never to be in the circus of quitters. Oh, I have resolved not to quit trying even in trying times... Beloved, this is my RESOLVE; what is yours?

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Image from here | Story from DARE to FAIL by Billi P.S. Lam



How I wish...
My certificate should just be given to me as gift
That promotion would just come to me; just like that!
Marriage isn't this much work
Life's just a bed of roses...

In the twenty something years I've spent on this planet, I can beat my chest that I am not the only one that has thought along those lines up there. Yes, I am not weird. If you have thought along these lines at one time or the other, I am sure you're either nodding your head or smiling right now. Many a times we wish things came very easy while we just sit back, relax and watch them happen. Just imagine, would life be interesting if we're all in possession of a magical flask or ball that brings out every of our wishes? Wouldn't life be boring and perhaps not worth living?

Sadly, none of us is in possession of a magic ball. As they say, if wishes were horses, all men would ride. Living in a world of wishes without work, is like living in one's dreams without getting up. One day, one would find oneself being welcome to hell for doing nothing! Yes, wishes produces NOTHING without actions. Should you have beautiful wishes, be ready to take off your wishful cap once a while and use your hands. Verily I say unto you, in life, there is no way around HARD WORK! Even if you are lucky enough to have inherited wealth from your parents, I can assure you, it's soon gone if you don't work hard enough to keep it.

Someone said, "hard work beats talent when talents doesn't work hard"; true isn't it?

Hard work is a pill that helps check the headache of life's several challenges. One surest path to sustaining wealth, fame, affluence, influence, success or fulfillment is HARD WORK. There is no way around it, not even luck. Even when people want to help you, they'd be looking to see your track record of hard work, to be sure they are not investing in an empty venture. I tell you, one good choice you can make is that of hard work. Have you not heard; heaven helps those who help themselves, not those who sit around waiting only for manner to fall from the skies. Even the bible says, "no food for a lazy man". I can tell you confidently that God rewards hard work.

I formed an acronym for HARD, which I believe is not exhaustive but gives a representation of my thoughts around hard work.

H-Humility: We must humbly take pride in what we do. Don't you ever be ashamed of your work. With humility, seek to improve yourself either by learning from others or trying to bring the best out of yourself.
A-Attitude: Nothing can replace or substitute for a good attitude. You have it, you thrive; you don't have it, you lose! It is almost that simple.
R-Resilience: Hardly does anything in life come without opposition. You must be resilient to see your work pay off, in the face of ardent opposition.
D-Devotion: You only get better at what you devote yourself and your life to. Practice, they say, makes perfect. If you want to excel in life, then you must excel in practice.

Thanks for reading once again. Your thoughts are welcome.

- Le Dynamique Professeur

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