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In Time, Date and my Actions...


Before reading the rest of the post, please place your right hand on your chest and say these words...

"I can achieve anything I set my mind to achieve. I am not a loser, I am a winner! I can be anything I set my heart to become. I am not a mediocre, I am a champion! I can reach any height I determine to reach. I am not a weakling, I am a brave heart!"

I know the title of this post does not seem to construct well as a complete title; you will soon find out why. I was in the office at the early hours of today writing up my thesis. I then decided to look into some other people's thesis so I can find ideas for some of the things I am already writing and the ones I'd soon embark on. Some how along the line, I began having this feeling of intimidation. Sincerely, I felt like, "will I ever be able to write this good [comparing the thesis I was looking at to some of the things I had written]?" It was so pronounced that it looked like someone was actually asking me that question right there in my office. 

I couldn't find answers to that voice while I was in the office. I just continued with what I was doing. However, as soon as I got home, it then occurred to me, "that's intimidation right there". Are you reading this and you're passing through some forms of intimidation right now in your life, work place, relationship, marriage, studies, home, pursuits, wherever! Maybe there's something you've always wanted to do and then you saw someone that appeared to be doing better and has gone ahead of you in that thing. Instead of you feeling motivated that you can do the same or even better, you find yourself courting feelings of intimidation. You hear a voice within saying, "you can't possibly reach that height. Where do you think you'd get that strength, zeal, energy, drive, courage, skill, resources from?" Intimidation often comes in voices and pictures - from within you, from people around you, your colleagues at work, fellow students in class, your teachers - the discouraging ones, people who have gone ahead of you that are supposed to encourage you but doing other wise, the media - you always see yourself as inferior to 'stars' as if you're not made to be one.

INTIMIDATION is like water to fire if you allow it. It kills the drive, passion and enthusiasm of people. The dictionary defines it like this, "to force into or deter from some action by inducing fear". Its synonyms include: frighten, subdue, daunt, terrify or discourage. Listen, winners are those who successfully subdue their fears and mount on the wings of courage. If you're having doubts about making it in life or in a particular passion of yours, intimidation is knocking. If you're beginning to doubt your own abilities, intimidation is hovering around you. So what do you do? How do you overcome intimidation. 

See this, IN - TIM[E] - I - DAT[E] - [ACT]ION. Let me straighten that out - In time, date and action. Whenever you have feelings of intimation, say back to it, "In time, date with my actions, I'd get there; I'd make it; I'd reach my goal; I will not fail". It is important that your actions is included in that statement. It means you will not give up doing what you always do. It means you will stop at nothing till you achieve your goal, dream and aspiration. I have come to discover the combining power of determination and confession as the killer of fear and intimidation. Daily confess your goals, visions, aspirations and ambitions, right back at every voice or images of intimidation and I assure you, you'll be unstoppable! Yes, you are unstoppable!

Thanks for reading once again. I appreciate you. Hope you have been inspired by this short piece?
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I turned 26 on the 26th + Give AWAYS!


I am very excited about this post, though not my usual kind of post but because it affords me the opportunity to also blog free style (now, did I say that? Don't mind me: I enjoy what I do a lot). So, I turned 26 on the 26th of June and I thought I should give you guys some gist. I know I can't do that better than Sisi Yemmie but I will do my best. lol

I spent the whole day in church. It was my church anniversary, so it was all day fun, singing, dancing, screaming and giving God all the glory. Sincerely, I've never been happier on my birthday. In fact, the day started right in church - 1200, I was still in church rehearsing and helping with cooking for the anniversary dinner the next day. I took some pictures that Saturday night... 

So join me in appreciating God for the past 26 years of my life. I've been through many ups and downs but God has indeed been my help, shield and exceeding great reward. I was sharing on facebook today that one scripture that summarizes the story of my life is Psalm 118:13, "I was pushed back and about to fall, but the LORD helped me". Indeed, right from birth; I was born still and no one thought I'd come alive but God had mercy on me. I've failed several times; repeated a few classes but here I am today, many think I am a genius. I know this so well and that is why the bulk of my prayer is "Lord have mercy on me". I am certain that without His mercies, I'm done for. So join me in praising God.

Also, I'd like to sincerely appreciate those who called, text-ed, dedicated their facebook profiles, BBM statuses, tweets on twitter on my birthday. I am totally humbled. You are awesome! I was completely swept of my feet in awe. God bless you mightily. I'd also like to thank my sweetheart; my one and only dudushewa, Blessing Agbaje, for making that day memorable. She called over and over and over again. She sent several emails, poems, even recorded a song with her voice for me which is now my ringing tone. Sincerely baby, I don't know what I'd ever do without you.

Now to the give aways! I'd be giving away two precious gifts for my birthday. One of them has helped me alot in understanding the true essence of fulfilling my purpose here on earth. In fact, it was when I read the book that I got the clear perspective to why I have to understand my purpose here on earth and live it. It's Myles Munroe's - IN PURSUIT OF PURPOSE. Yes, wherever you are on the face of the planet, if you win it, I'd post it to you. Second prize is my Dad's [John Ekundayo] awesome book, HIS HELPING HAND. Dad wrote this book from a heart of gratitude on how God's hand is always available to help any one. Real testimonies that looks unbelievable are in it, including how God has helped my family through to where we are today. I'm sure the winner would love it. Win one of these gifts in just three easy steps:

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- Le Dynamique Professeur



"Life is a journey to a distant land. On the way, there are roads (quiet streets and busy highways), rivers and bridges to cross (once filled with shark and others in which you can fish in).

As we move through the dessert and arable land, we are beaten by the storm, sunshine and clouds, hence picking up lessons that would guide our  decision to take the next step or not. At the end of the day  the journey becomes our learning  forte - a school without walls"
- PACHELIZ (comment from PART 1)

As a sequel to the PART 1 of this post, I would like to say, life is anything you make of it. It is the way you see life that you'd live it. And even more importantly, it's how you live it that you'd have it. In other words, the outcome of your life is dependent on the way you have lived it. We must always understand that we have the choice to live life the way we want. It is your life. It's none else than yours. So, I'd say one step to live life fully is to own it. When you own your life, you don't apportion blame to others when challenges come beckoning.

Jack Cranfield said, "to effectively live life, we have to own it and be responsible for it". In other words, no one can impose a way of living life on you. Whether you see life is a party, a battle, a journey or a school; what is most important is that you own your life and live a life of purpose. Saying that, I for one will not encourage some philosophies for viewing life for someone who is willing to live a fulfilled life. I mean, you can choose to live life as you want but if you want to leave this planet and be remembered as a man who has lived a life of purpose, then it is important that you do not see life through some spectacles.

Someone asked in the PART 1 of this post, "How are we then supposed to see life?" I won't advocate a particular philosophy but I will share my thoughts...

Bishop David Oyedepo said, "the day you stop learning is the day you start dying". The Holy Bible too says it like this, "[My] People are destroyed because they lack knowledge". [Hosea 4:6]. Does that mean knowledge is pertinent to life? *think on those words*

Zig Ziglar too said, "Success is a journey, not a destination". In other words, for anyone willing to be successful, it is important to see life not as a 'party' but a journey of several miles. A journey, not for quitters but for brave hearts with a purpose. 

A mentor once looked me straight in the eye and said, "Life is not a sprint, it is a marathon". I would like to suggest for those who see life as a race, to stop seeing it as a sprint but rather, a marathon. In a marathon, there'd times when you'd feel like quitting. Times when you'll feel like your whole body is about to collapse but the joy of it is your goal - the gold [fulfillment]! 

Do you see life as a dance? Hear the words of Bill Cosby, "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody". You are likely to want to try to please everyone; if you can ensure your watchword is to 'dance' to the tunes of fulfillment, I think you're on the right track.

I'd stop here. Please be aware that these are my thoughts and are no specific rules on how to view life. Let me hear from you too :)

- Le Dynamique Professeur

The Easiest Thing to Do


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In the last four weeks, I've been heavily involved with students' assessment - exam question setting, marking of assignments and exams. One thing I noticed and perhaps learned while attending to my students' assessments was that it is very easy to actually look for people's faults and mistakes. My method of marking is this; I am prepared to give a student 100% but once I start seeing his/her mistakes, faults and wrongs, the 100% starts reducing till I eventually allocate the final mark. Thoughts around this activity led to lessons I've taken and would like to share with you using two dimensions I tagged; You-You and You-Others. Follow me:


I tagged this dimension You-You because I'd be talking about solely you. If you are the kind of person that hardly sees any good in what you do, here is a call for a change. Perhaps you always see what others do as better than what you do or what you can do. I am addressing you, here. Wait, I am not talking about honest humility; as in, valuing others above yourself. I am talking about the unhealthy version of always seeing faults in all you do thus depleting confidence in yourself. For example, maybe you always sort of feel you are dull and others are brilliant; you are poor and will always be poor; you've made a mistake in the past so your life will always be miserable as a result.

Listen to me, the easiest thing to do is to see a fault. The easiest thing to do is to blame your past for your present. And if you continue blaming your past... you will soon start blaming today when you eventually make it to your future. What am I trying to say, would you please start seeing the good in yourself? Would you start changing your perspectives about your past hurts and failures? Can you possibly change the lens with which you look at the setbacks in your life? I mean, its a choice. I like to say, "Think of Failure as a stone: can either be a stumbling block or a stepping stone". The choice you make of it would determine. Stop seeing the wrongs about you for once - start today! Take responsibility for your life. TAKE CHARGE! And the only way you can do that is when you stop blaming your pasts or other people for the wrongs in your life. It's time to arise, dust up yourself and shine! Its a brand new day for you.


As I continued marking, I noticed some students that were not good in class, somehow, they did well than I'd expected in their exams and assignments. I tried not to allow my view of them affect how I marked their scripts because some of them just beat my imagination with how they performed. Now, there is power in the way you see people in your life. I mean, you should be careful the way with which you view and assess people. I am a little guilty but I mean we all can be better with regards to how we assess people in our lives.

From today, lets quit seeing the faults and wrongs in people. Let's start seeing the good in them. The more we see the good in them, the more we'd be helping them become great people. One of my Dad favourite quotes reads, "Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of" - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. Let's make our world a better place by doing all we can to remove the stereotypes around. Lets make friendlier, peaceful and richer our planet by seeing how we can help each other achieve than how we can pull someone down... You and I, can change our ways! Yes, We can!

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First, I'd like to dedicate this post to my sweetheart (Blessing Agbaje) and my loving mother (Mary Ekundayo) who celebrated their birthdays on the 3rd and 4th of June respectively. I love you two so much <3

Life! When you hear 'Life' what comes to you? Does it mean anything to you? I mean, does it create a mental picture on your inside that makes you sober and reflective? When it comes to the issue of life, it is a matter of the heart and like the words of a wise woman, "a matter of the heart is the heart of the matter". Does that statement sound a bit mystifying? It was not intended. What I am just trying to say is that our perpetual reflection on the notion of life is essential for anyone with a desire to lead a meaningful life. Don't be fooled to think every person 'up there' know anything about the essence of life. Some of them are just living each day with no thoughts as to whether they are living a meaningful life or not.

The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. Nothing can take the place of purpose in a man's life. If there is any message I believe I'm born to preach, it is this. I have come to believe your philosophy about life is very critical to how you'd live your life and in turn whether you will fulfill purpose or not. It's amazing our different views and philosophies about life...

Some see life as a party
These people are likely to see only the weekends amongst its many days
It's all about enjoyment; fun; 'busybody-ing' from one occasion to the other.
Getting a cloth that would make them stand out and make people think extravagant of them

Some see life as a dance
They usually see themselves like they are on stage and constantly under their spectators' criticisms or prais.
If they see themselves as doing right, they are full of praise.
But once they make a mistake, its like the whole world is about to end.

Some see life as a journey
They see themselves as in an adventure
It's all about the day to day experience. They live and relive life. Every minute brings a reflection.
They know about all the curves, potholes, and thrills on the way such that they recognize every Déjà vu...

Some see life as a race
It usually appears they are in some sort of competition they must win
They are always striving to outdo, outperform or edge others even without those people knowing.
It's all about achievements, ambitions, heights for these people.

Some see life as a school
They see themselves learning everyday.
Whether they fail or succeed, it's all part of the experience. 
However, they must make a desirable grade at the end of the day to show they really passed through and life passed through them.

Some see life as food
It's all about things that are appealing. If it's not appealing to them, they'd rather not go near.
It's all about the feeling and once that excitement is over, its like the end of the world.
There is another hunger and expectation for the next round of excitement coming...

I'd stop here for this part... Share with me. What is your own personal philosophy about life? Any similar to this?

Don't miss the next part of this post. Thanks for reading.

- Le Dynamique Professeur

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