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Let me decide II


Half bread, someone says " better than none". I tell you my friend, I'd rather choose to hope for the best than to settle for less than what I deserve. Just a quick recap from where we started from in the part 1 of this post; my theory of crossroads is that a man or woman at a crossroad can only choose one of 7 decisions available to him or her. He/she can either choose to go forward or retract backwards; move up or down; drift left or right; or be stagnant at the same position.In this part two, I will be talking about looking up or looking down. 

Permit me to term looking up as 'Hope' and looking down as settling for less than you deserve because you have chosen to give up hope. I would like to define Hope. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines HOPE in three interesting ways: (i) to cherish a desire with anticipation (ii) to desire with expectation of obtainment; and (iii) to expect with confidence. Looking at this definition, you would agree with me that only a brave heart hopes. Losers don't have hope. Only people with a winning attitude hope. That is, if your hope is failing, you are tending towards the losing side. Miracles don't happen to those who have given up hope. It comes to those who against hope yet believe in hope!

Beloved, I beseech you therefore, should you have to choose between looking up and looking down at any crossroad you may find yourself, choose wisely. According to Thomas Mertin, "The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little." But I would like to plead with you, should you ever be tempted to settle for too little, think again because, "The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for" - Maureen Dowd. To settle for less than you deserve is to choose to be on the losing side. In football, we always say it is not over until you hear the final whistle. I have had the opportunity of watching several soccer matches where deficits of 4goals are turned around in the last few minutes of the game. The difference between the team that lose such a match and those who end up coming back to win is a desire to not settle for less. A sight on what is against reality.

I love that third definition of hope by the Merriam Webster dictionary, " to expect with confidence". No wonder the bible (a book I love so much) says, "do not cast away your confidence, for it has a great reward". When you choose to look up at any crossroad of life, you are saying, I am confident, I am hopeful, the best is yet to come, I will not give in, I will not settle for less because I deserve more. Half bread is not better, full bread comes to those who choose to hope with confidence. I enjoin you to look up today and you will soon have something to show for it. 

Thank you for reading.

- Le Dynamique Professeur


Let me decide


Do you know, that statistically, an average human being makes up to 17,000 decision a day. Now lets think about it, right from when you wake up; in fact, merely deciding whether to get off the bed or not could incur about 3-5 decision. Like, "do I stand up now?" "maybe I should sleep for 10more minutes" "should I have my bath today or not?" and as you ask yourself these questions gradually, you are correspondingly making decisions (choices). The decision, to wake up or sleep a little more are what we call micro choices. But there are some choices we call macro choices;  choices that could actually make or mar your life. Now, think about your self on a crossroad, where you actually have to make a decision... You are right there on one spot and you have to make a choice. 

My theory of crossroads is that a man or woman at a crossroad can only choose one of 7 decisions available to him or her. He/she can either choose to go forward or retract backwards; move up or down; drift left or right; or be stagnant at the same position. On this post, we will be unraveling the very first - To go forward or retract backwards.

If you're on your tracks, and at a crossroad; you have to make a decision, on whether to go forward or retract backwards; which would you choose? I would like to admonish you never to look back. Like that saying, "forward ever, backward never", we should make that our motto. At whatever crossroads we find ourselves, it's safe to choose to go forward where there is a choice to either go forward or retract backwards. When you move forward, you stand to gain the following...

1. When you move forward, you are not going back to your vomits: I sort of have this unconscious intuition (if there is anything like this). Anytime, I am going back in my life, I always have this dream and I see myself eating my vomits. It'd be so disgusting that I'd wake up from my sleep and straightway my mind will go straight to that choice I have decided to go back on. That's usually the cue for me. It could be of help to you too; whenever you want to go backwards, think of it as eating your own vomits; you know how disgusting that is? hmmm... Don't you go backwards!

2. When you move forward, Your past stands no chance over you: If you want to travel light and fast and don't want to be left behind in the race of life, you have to be able to forget your past. This could mean forgiving those that have hurt you in the past; this could be repenting totally from the guilt of the past; just make sure you the past isn't holding you back.

3. When you move forward, you are in pursuit of goals but when you look back, you are toiling with regrets. People who choose to retract backwards often live their lives entirely in regret. I'd let you choose... do you want to live all your life in regret or in peace? For the former, a retrogressive motion is required but for the latter, KEEP MOVING...

For the rest of the choices at your crossroad, make sure you do not miss subsequent editions of 'Let me decide.."

- Le Dynamique Professeur

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