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Do you still have a head?


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When I see a tree
I see its many leaves
For when it is free
It gives as much as it receives

When I see a star
I see the light
Even though it's dark
I see pleasure in the night

When I see a man
I look pass his build
For if he has a head
He sure can get ahead.

Many people walk the streets of our communities today headless. The direction they are going is a mystery to everyone and funny enough, themselves.  Sadly, they know where they are coming from, but where they are going, they lack information about. Let me save you from this ficto-drama-scifi serial analogy I have been trying to put forward. What I am trying to say is that the head of a man defines his identity. No man can live without his head. Disappointingly, many people are alive but are not living- those are the people I refer to as headless. Are you one of them?

So how do I see you and see no head on you? How do I meet you, yet find it hard identifying you? Well, a two main things:

1. You lack vision/purpose
For me, what defines a man is his purpose; what makes him tick. It is identifying why you are 'here' - your reason for living that makes life worth living. You don't have to have a job, a car or a wife for your life to have meaning. Every human being on the planet has a purpose for their existence.  Should you still be looking for yours, make it your primary assignment from henceforth because until you are aware of your purpose, you are no different from a headless chicken. 

2. I talk to you and I can't pinpoint the direction of your life
When you talk with people, be sure they can pinpoint what makes you tick. Be known for something. Stand for something or else you'd fall for everything. When people mention your name "John Roger", let them be able to associate you with something that makes you, YOU! When this is lacking about a man, such a man is still headless. No Identity! 

This post is not to make anyone upset or depressed about the state of their life. Rather it's to serve as a reminder for anyone caught up in life's many excitements yet forgetting the sole purpose and reason for being 'here'. It is for those who are just walking and thinking "I know I'd get there someday", without actually having a destination in mind. Truth is, when you don't know where you are going, every and anywhere is a destination. People would drag you along like polythene bags and dump you whenever they feel like. You wondering the many reasons for people's misery? This is it! If you are going to get ahead of your game in life, you need a head! This cannot be overemphasized! YOU NEED A HEAD!

Be found in the doing...


I believe we have all heard the saying, "Heaven help those who help themselves".The truth is, not only heaven, human beings too rarely help those who haven't done one thing or the other to help themselves. If you come to me for example for help, usually, I would ask, "what are your plans? What are your options? What have you tried before coming here? and of course, "why me?" That is, why not someone else? What makes you think I can be of help. The significance of this question is not to interrogate the person but to actually see whether the person is already in the doing before coming to ask for your help. 

Once upon a time, a young man came to my Dad in Singapore. He had just arrived from Nigeria. He had practically no information about the country. I can only wonder how he boarded the plane there. On arrival, he asked my Dad to help him so he would board a bus to Japan. *laughs*. My Dad sighed, and then said to him, "no body boards a bus to Japan from here. Weren't you informed before you got here?". What amazes me, I think, was the fact that the man was not an illiterate. If he was unlearned, it'd have perhaps been very understandable. From what it seems, he just saddled himself on a plane to Singapore with unverified 'they said this and that" kind of information, only to get there and be stranded. My Dad's response, "Sir, I am sorry I cannot help you!"

Ok, let's do a comparison. I was talking to someone who was going to help me with a visa application sometime ago. I needed him to help provide his bank statements and all. When I got to him, he asked, "so, how much should I have in my account? Why do you think I am the right person for this? How many years are we applying for? What and what have you provided already? Any legal implications for me now or in the future? I remember being able to provide answers to this questions forthwith without having to say, let me go and check. He found me in the doing and it was so easy to help me.

Beloved, no one, even rarely your family members help you without them having seen you in the doing. People want to know if their help would not amount to a waste of time, energy and resources at the end of the day. One way to assure them you are worthy of help is to be found in the doing. I told a friend of mine recently, don't worry too much about the parts of the deal you cannot play now, worry first about the ones you can play. When you've done your part, you'd be confident asking for help for the other part. Gather all the necessary information, do all the major checks and be sure you have them checked; once you are sure, now go and ask for help. I can assure you, if the person/people you've approached have within their means the help you seek, they'd be glad to help you. However, if they notice you lack information or you don't have your facts up your sleeves, they may become wary of helping...

Hope you've learned one or two things again. Thanks for reading.

- Le Dynamique Professeur

Blog Awards and Appreciations


My sincere appreciation goes to all those who in the last two months lavished me and this blog with awesome awards. I think you from the bottom of my heart. These accolades encourage me a lot such that whenever its like I am lacking motivation, when I see them, they sort of refuel me again. I received two awards and here are the duties I owe the awards and the givers. I dedicate the post solely to that.


Thank you to the following bloggers for this award: Madam Nitty Gritty - Housewife Tales, @ilola - Light of the World, GospelGirl, Yellow Sisi Unspoken, Fragilelooks, Ble Ble - Blessing, My sweet aunty Jhazmyn. God bless you all. I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself...

1. I love God and I believe His mercies have kept me up to this point
2. I am engaged to the most beautiful lady on this planet. I am too fortunate to have found her. She is indeed my Blessing.
3. I don't know what can write soccer off my books. oh, I love it and I love ARSENAL!
4. Music melts me... A song well sung can drive me nuts for weeks. lol
5. I believe my family are a blessing. My parents and my 3 sisters. Yes, 3 sisters! haha. I love them plenty plenty.
6. I enjoy friendship so much that it makes me sad when I lose a friend. 
7. I like to be very humble about my academics because I know without God, I won't be where I am.

I tag the following bloggers, although I know most of you have been tagged, so I won't be going all round to inform you. haha. Bigshot, Kennisblegad, Fountain flows, NakedSha, Imisi - De-Me-Stified, Lily Johnson, Lightherlamp, Myne Whitman, Shona, HappyBBB, Mena UkodoisReady, Jabez, 2cute4u...

The ones new to this thing - what you have to do is tell us 7 things about yourselves and tag 15 more people. lol


Thanks to my loving Aunty - Naijalines for lavishing me with this award too. I appreciate you ma.

The rules are that: (1) I mention five guilty pleasures and (2) I nominate three bloggers to receive the award.

1. I read everything and anything. I just enjoy reading. I think my Dad baptized me with this. lol
2. I don't know why and don't ask - I like to eat in the middle of the night. hehe
3. I have this 'thing' for fellow writers - male or female o. lol
4. I like to dress and show my muscles - my hotness! lol
5. I love research - even into people and their lifestyle that sometimes I wonder, do I care or am I just curious?

The three bloggers I'd like to bestow this open are: Ble Ble - Blessing for that delicious story of hers | Madam Nitty Gritty - I mean, don't we all love that Mummy? | Myne Whitman - I can't stop going on that blog.
God bless you all. I appreciate you.

- Le Dynamique Professeur

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