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Who are you and Where are you going? [Reloaded]


Strolling around a park, on a dark and silent night, a rich man had unconsciously walked into a restricted zone while trying to gather his thoughts. As he journeyed into the area, a guard suddenly asked with aroused and provoked impetus "who are you and where are you going?" The rich man, lost in deep thoughts at first didn't hear anyone speak, so he continued moving. At this time the guard had become reached the peak of his wrath.  With intense anger in his voice, he shouted once again at the rich man "who are you? Where are you going?” The rich man paused after he seems to have regained consciousness and shockingly asked the guard, "How much do you earn?"

The question seems rather uncalled for and it made the guard even angrier as he reached out for his gun at the thoughts of being taken for granted by the rich man. Pointing the gun at him, he asked again, "who are you and where are you going?” Without worry, the rich man said calmly, "Youngman, I will pay you three-times what you earn if you would ask me that same question every single day".

Dear reader, what if someone asked you the same question with a gun in your head? "Who are you and where are you going?" This question is very imperative, especially at this time, in this generation and the ones to come because quite a number of us do not really know who we are and where we are heading. It’s saddening to see young men and ladies walk to and fro across the face of the Earth without them knowing who they are and where they are going. It’s like being dead while still alive!
The question is very crucial to any individual: young or old; rich or poor; learned or illiterate; the illiterate and the educated; people in government and the community as a whole; employees in an organization and even the management as well. It’s a vital question that can spur one to a new attitude towards living because it will bring about the consciousness of who we truly are and where we are heading in life.

I was recently listening to T.D Jakes on DVD and he said something that touched me. He said while his father was on the sick bed and about to die, He said to him;
"Son, by the time I knew what life was all about; it was time to go". No one would like to say that on his/her dying bed; neither you my reader. This is the main reason why I would like to suggest a daily look in the mirror to ask, "Who am I and where am I going?" Lack of precise answer(s) to this important question has landed many people in the wrong jobs, problematic relationships, ill-timed relationships, faulty careers, improper lifestyles and even inappropriate sex orientations. Life is valuable in knowing exactly who you are and where you are going. I hope you wouldn’t just be coming to the understanding of what life is all about just when you are about to go…
[Hear this] "Without purpose time has no meaning, efforts have no reason, and life has no precision" - Myles Munroe.

Many of us are only grubbing in darkness; it’s time we get to know who we really are and where we are headed. Here are a few things I think would help as they have helped me too:

    1.    Find your purpose and put your whole life into it: Find the reason for your existence. The ‘WHY’ behind your living? The reason why you tick. What are you passionate about? What do you do without much effort that you could likely be sponsored for? Put your whole existence into it and you’d see the real you coming out to shock the world. Click here to read a post I once wrote on that.
    2.    Develop a plan – How do you hope to go about your passion to becoming who you want to be? Would you need to go to a school to learn more of it? Would you need another degree to get it ascertained? Would you need to change what you are currently investing your time and money into for another? Take that step. Develop goals, sit down and carve our plans to achieve them!
    3.    Now, the interesting part - speak it, eat it, cough it, whisper it, drink it, run it; day by day, confess it. Put a name on it! You motivate yourself against all odds when you do. But if you are yet to find it, living life will just be like grubbing in darkness while still alive.
It’s high time you really discovered why you are here, who you are and where you are headed. Not many in life have the answers but I assure you, if you can find the answers, life would be worth living.
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"You good for nothing Mediocre. I wonder what you are doing here"
"We regret to  inform you that your application has been unsuccessful"
"We received several applications and it was certainly difficult to pick the best; we are sorry..."
"Maybe you are not a university material after all, have you tried other tertiary institutions?"
"It's a shame we could not include you in the team despite the excellent ability you have showcased"
"You are just not my type."

I am sure you would have at one stage of your life being a recipient of at least one of these statements or something similar. I think I have gotten almost all. If you've gotten any of these statements, what it suggests is that you are not good enough. It reminds me of the story of a senior PhD colleague (lets call him, Jude). When he started his PhD, he was assigned to a supervisor who after working with him for about 6months suddenly decided to write to the PhD committee that Jude was incompetent and unfit to be a PhD candidate. She went as far as suggesting his prior certificates may have even been forged. Jude however fought back. He made known to the committee that his (student-supervisor) relationship with the lady had only gone sour and none of her claims was true. After several push and pull, Jude was given another supervisor to prove the lady wrong. To cut the long story short, Jude is currently a PhD holder of the same university where he was once told he wasn't good enough. Imagine how his graduation ceremony will look like with that former supervisor as one of the officiating staffs...

I have discovered a powerful weapon that can elevate a man from zero to hero. That weapon can lift the once 'good for nothing' to a world renown celebrity. The weapon is relentlessness. Others may call it passion. Permit me to call it relentlessness - positive stubbornness. A zeal that is not easily defeated. The difference between success and failure often times could be the zeal people possess towards achieving their objectives. If you lack zeal, life may end up sealing up your dreams. What do you do when people say you can't achieve your dreams? What attitude do you emanate when they say no more vacancy for you? Do you result to alcohol and drugs to take your pains away or you set the stage for your come back? Do you listen to that voice of failure that often say, "its the end"? I once was told I may not be a university material and that I should try out other tertiary institutions. I have repeated classes twice in my life - once, with a Fail in Mathematics and another a result of an incomplete O'level result. Today, I am not boasting, if I do not tell you about these incidents, you cannot trace where I am today to them. I am in my 4th university doing a second postgraduate study at the age of 24.

Listen, no one! I repeat, NO ONE has the right to tell you that you are not good enough. Not even your father, your mother, your uncle or aunt. Not EVEN YOUR TEACHER! Apologies to my non-christian readers but I love making references to the bible a lot as I believe in creation not evolution. I was reading my bible recently and I found something that inspired this post. "God saw all that he had made, and it was very good." - Genesis 1:31. Heads up! If God sees you as good, who dares see you as 'not good enough'? God took so much time to craft you, deposited dreams and visions within you, planted capacities and abilities specially for you and then you think someone has the right to come to you and tell you that you are not good enough? Shut your critics and mockers. Be relentless... Set the stage for your come back... Apply again! Try other places! Continue dreaming! Refuse to be knocked down! Get right back up! YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

5 Pointers that would help you create a relentless spirit
1. Dissociate yourself from those who constantly tell you that you are not good enough
2. Tell it to yourself daily as many possible times as you can't count - "I am good enough for that job, that girl, that school"
3. Educate yourself with stories of people that have made it through and you will just find out they passed through almost the same thing as you are right now.
4. Pray, pray, pray! My Dad loves to say, "if you pray well, you will live well" - Pastor John Ekundayo

Thank you all for reading and for nominating my blog for the Nigerian blog awards 2010. You are awesome!

- Le Dynamique Professeur

3 Basic Types of Friends


When I saw this video, I was moved. I knew within me that it was not meant for me alone. I just have to publish it for many others to benefit from it. There 3 basic types of friends you can have.
1. Confidants - These type of friends are into you
2. Constituents - These friends are not into you but are for what you are for
3. Comrades - These friends are neither into you nor for what you are for but against what you are against.

Enjoy the video :)

PS: If you cannot video the embedded video, click here 

- Le Dynamique Professeur

In The Labour Room of DREAMS


Hubby had not arrived. I was all alone to go through the struggle. It was the 30th of May, the day our baby was born. I laid on the bed with belts strapped around my belly to monitor the baby's movements and heartbeat.  I was only able to identify two faces, my gynaecologist and a nurse. The contractions became intense. The worst of all, I had pains all over my body. I was breathing so hard and was hoping that the pain didn't get any worse. I was then asked to start pushing. The moment I felt the contraction again, I was told to push harder. "Take a deep breath, hold your legs, exhale and PUSH! PUSH!! PUSH!!!" That was repeated many times, almost a whole hour! It wasn't easy. I was already fully dilated yet the baby's head could not be seen. For a whole hour, that was what I did, push. I just wanted to get my baby out as soon as possible... after a while, it finally came out. At 3pm on the dot of time, the final push was done and out slided our bouncing baby boy...

There are four things that could happen at such situation: first, both the mother and baby makes it alive out of the labour room; second, the mother could die while the baby comes out alive; third, the baby could die with the mother surviving the labour room experience and lastly, both the mother and the baby might die in the labour room.

Hmmm... in the labour room of dreams, some dream bearers make it alive with their dreams while some don't. Some die in the labour room of their dreams but their dreams didn't die with them. Their dreams lived on in their stead. Some gave up and their dreams died in the labour room and they came out empty handed.

I am sure no one wants to either die with his/her dreams unborn or make it out of the labour room empty. The beauty of the labour room is for the baby to be born. No one wants to come out of the labour room empty. Some people, even though they died in the labour rooms of their dreams. They died PUSHING. They laboured for something worth more than their lives and the whole world celebrates them till today. People like Martin Luther King Jr. He found a cause to die for and he lived and died for it. Awesome! If your dream is a cause worth dying for, do not relent or give up in the labour room. Give birth to that dream and we'll celebrate you.

Maybe your dream is not a cause to die for. Perhaps yours is one you'd have to live to see it come alive. I urge you today, do not give up PUSHING! PUSH! PUSH!! PUSH!!! Are the contractions becoming more intense? Are the pains becoming unbearable? Is it beginning to look like you can't make it beyond where you are right now? It's part of the labour room process. Do not be scared if you go through it alone. Still don't give up if your parents, husband, boyfriend of girlfriend leaves you to it. The dream is yours and its yours to bear. You must give birth to it.

Circumstances may be hard. You may experience so much pain in every facet of life. Your school fees may be so difficult to pay. It is possible that debts are about swallowing you up right now. Your peers might have gone far ahead of you. Your parents may have even disowned you because of your dreams. It is very possible that your friends are always mocking you. Listen! When you are going through tough times, take a deep breath. When it seem as if you can't go on anymore, I tell you it's time to hold your legs and PUSH! Yes, that's what happens in the labour room. It's never a pleasant experience. But the beauty of it is making out of their with that baby in your hands. Do not give up my friend. Your are in the labour room of your dreams... PUSH and PUSH REAL HARD!

- Le Dynamique Professeur

Put a name on it


Dad came back from a wonderful conference with his Mercedez Benz E230 (V-boot) only to discover something had gone wrong somewhere. I cant remember if he had taken notice of it before he got home but I remember we were all startled at the sight of what happened. One of the side mirrors of the vehicle had been stolen. For a Mercedez Benz car of that calibre, at that time costed money. The week he was going to purchase a replacement, the repairer [mechanic, for my nigerian readers - haha] advised, "Sir, if you don't want them to steal this one too, I'd suggest you engrave [PUT A NAME ON] it." In other words, it can still be stolen; someone else can still toil with it if you don't put a name on it.

When I was in secondary school, whenever a valuable became an argument between two people, the most common question was, "whose name is on it?" I remember then, if it doesn't have your name on it, it probably doesn't belong to you. Moreover, should your name be on it, you'd just start  beaming with confidence knowing it's still coming back to you at the intervention of a superior (a teacher or a senior). This post has nothing to do with the car you now own or the house you currently live in. It likewise has nothing to do with the degree you have bagged so far or the glories of the past you now rejoice in. As interesting as it may sound, this post is about that dream, that vision, that car, that career, that home, that life you are looking forward to having. yet unborn. Yes, you need to put a name on it.

Let me give you an illustration.. not a perfect example as I am not there yet. When I was around age 15, in secondary school, I often refer to myself as 'Dr Smart', not because I wanted to be a medical doctor but because I wanted to be a professor and I knew I had to get a PhD and be a doctor before becoming a professor. When I got into the university, I changed it to 'Prof Smart'. Although I was studying for an undergraduate degree but I felt I had moved up one step towards becoming the man of my dreams - a professor. Today, although I am still studying for a PhD, I now call myself, LDP - Le Dynamique Professeur, which literally translates as 'The Dynamic Professor' in English. I have decided to, since the age of 15, put a name(s) to my dream. The good thing is, it has always propelled me towards becoming the man of my dreams.

I once heard of Abraham Lincoln, despite his many failures, often say to himself, "I, Abraham Lincoln, president of the United States" long before he became president.

I also heard of the current United States President, Barrack Obama, often looked himself in the mirror and called himself, "president of the united states"

Mahummad Ali, never stopped calling himself the world's greatest. Countless of his videos showed him screaming on top of his lungs, "I am the world's greatest". He once said, "I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was"
These men had one thing in common, they owned their dreams. They put a name on it. I am sure you know many more examples than I do. People may mock you for calling yourself a doctor, a professor, a lawyer, an engineer, a star, a famous TV presenter now, let it not bother you, you'll make it and they'd see you when you get there. There are four things putting a name on your dream helps you with...
  1. It helps you to own it!  
  2. It helps you keep sight of your goal with courage to keep moving.
  3. It helps you not to give up in the face of adversity
  4. It gives you confidence in who you are and the potentials you have within.

- Le Dynamique Professeur

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