Don't Waste While You Wait

Lost in deep thoughts recently, I started to think about how all through my life, I've had to wait for some events to happen at one time or the other. These could be in the form of waiting for people to come into my life; money to show up from somewhere; letters of admission into schools to pour in; job offers for applications made; saving up for a particular thing that would turn my fun world around, and so on and so forth. In a thorough reflection, I discovered that, at every point in time in a man’s life, he is awaiting something. Times like these are part of life, often unplanned, that are either wasted doing nothing or made very good use of; hence, this post.

Many in life have wasted their entire lives doing nothing while waiting for something to happen in their life. While they wait, they lay waste. Some resolve to sleeping and waking up daily while they wait on a letter of offer from the school they had applied to. Some spend most of their times playing games, while they wait for a call up letter for their Youth Service Corps. Some even pick up bad habits in the process of waiting for a decision on their visa application such that by the time the decision came, it met them in jail. Such people obviously wasted their lives while they wait. Precious waste of time! In essence, what I am saying is, we have to be conscious of the phase our lives are in, so we don’t waste.

Dear reader, what do you often do while you wait? Ask yourself that question. Have you heard the saying, “an idle hand is the devil's workshop”? Well, not necessarily an idle hand; a wasting hand may as well be a tool in the hands of the devil. Waiting, for the wise, is not wasting; rather it’s a time to be useful: to the family; to the society; to the religious organization he belongs; to his/her future spouse or employer; to his/her neighbourhood; to even that which you are waiting for. Time is life. Time is money. It’s a currency with no rebate. You don’t get it back after you've spent it.

How do you stay conscious while you wait?
  • Think of what to do to bless lives.
  • Think of what you can do to be an inspiration to those around you
  • Think of how you can add value to yourself
  • Think of what you can do to maximize your time not to while it away.
  • Whatever good your hands find to do at such times, do it with all your might.
You can choose to waste while you wait or choose to wax strong. The decision is yours. Just remember, the time you've spent, you can no longer regain. Don't waste it. Spend it wisely.

Hope you've enjoyed reading?

 -Le Dynamique Professeur

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37 Responses to “Don't Waste While You Wait”

  1. This is a really good post.. I recommended it to a friend.. Infect, I told a friend to read your blog to get motivated and not give up on thing.. You never fail to motivate me through your words.. I'm never gonna sit around and wait..I'm gonna find alternative ways to make things work for me.. Thank you :)

  2. True talk. Lost time can never be regained... This was thought-provoking...

  3. i look forward to your posts,
    i agree about not wasting time waiting, when u can progress while you wait,
    i try to do that, but at times we gte carried away and become lazy, its something to look out for so we can be productive,
    very inspirational post

  4. @Debbie, If I have ever mentioned to you how awesome you are... you are simply wonderful. I appreciate your being an evangelist of this blog. Please, don't stop! God bless you. I am always encouraged by your words :)

    @F, thank you very much. Its been a while we've seen you here. How are the projects coming along?

    @BBB, Yeah, I reckon. I get carried away too most times. The reason is because, its so easy to be lazy. lol. We have to be conscious of those times and with God's help, we can make better use of them. God bless you. I appreciate you :)

  5. This got me thinking. It is very easy to loose our way while we are waiting for whatever we are waiting for. Thanks LDP.
    I have also been reminded about John Whaller's song While I'm waiting. Its one of those songs that speaks to me.

  6. I, for one, definitely enjoyed this. Thanks LDP :)

  7. this is a good article, thanks, we need to maximize our lives rather than wait around for one event or the other.


  8. @Shona, Was that not the song that was sung in the movie 'Fireproof'? It is, I love that song! Thanks Shona.

    @Jaycee, I appreciate you. God bless you.

    @Deji, I appreciate your comment. God will kuku help us. Our lives will not lay in waste while we wait for events in our lives. His mercies would see us through.

  9. Wonderful post.Keep on writing.maybe you can put this into a book!

  10. Hi there, thanks for your comment. I am working on putting these stuffs into a book to bless more lives. Please pray for me on that. Cheers.
    Please, visit more often :)

  11. This was thought-provoking as usual, but it is something that I can personally identify with...

    Keep blogging!

    God bless!

  12. Naija Passion,

    Thanks for visiting. I appreciate you. I am glad you could relate to the post. Please visit more often.
    Cheers :)

  13. NBB, thanks bro. God bless you :)
    Loving the connection on twitter. Absolutely awesome!

  14. Just checked in . . . I'd like to complete your quote chief "an idle hand is the devil's workshop and a busy hand is the devil's apprentice."
    Nice work, I'm glad you patched this up, I've being anticipating this for a long time and I'm a bit unhappy I arrived some hours late.
    Continue to dey rep us well. Nothing do you. . .

  15. have done it again

  16. awesome post. i reckon we all have been at this point of waiting at one time or the other in life and the best reminder is never to waste away at that point.
    I second compiling these into a book. I 'memba u were once writing a book while we was back in SG??

  17. @Eddee, No worries about you coming on late. You do well bros. How things dey go? You don recover from our loss and exit? LOL

    @Anonymous, I sure say na Charity be this. LOL. Thanks dear. God bless you mightily. Congrats the latest testimony of your life :)

    @Kenny, thanks bro. I was writing a book titled, "Treading the paths of triumph" but I stopped. Imma pick it back up again. You go publish am for me? LOL. I will pick it back up :)
    How you dey now?

  18. I never recover jo. . . I get 4 months Champions league injury. Sha I go recover if we beat Tottenham next week.

  19. Omo, that would be a huge relief if we beat Tottenham. I am praying and believing o. El classico this week? How far? God is on the throne. Madrid for real.

  20. "Waiting", when appropriately used, is an essential part of progress. "Movement" is not always synonymous with progress.

    "Waiting" can be a period of gestation and rejuvenation - the slow approach of a tiger is not an indication of weakness, rather it is an intoxication of strength.

  21. i love this post so much,very inspirational.thanks for coming to my blog,cheers

  22. @Eyitemi, there is so much wisdom in your words and I always appreciate your comments. I love this, "the slow approach of a tiger is not an indication of weakness, rather it is an intoxication of strength." - Lovely! I will use it sometime. LOL

    You are welcome. Thanks for visiting. I look forward to more of your visits. God bless you :)

  23. I no send El Clasico, I understand your stress but I'd like to see Barca win.

  24. Why an Arsenal fan like you go love to see Barca win? LOL

  25. Man i am really blessed from reading your post everything you said are not fact base but the absolute truth of it all. More ideas than these God will give unto you. Remain blessed. bro Nath

  26. oh very nice post.
    I try to keep myself busy while waiting. If its something that needs urgent attention I Pray. There is no such thing as praying too much.

  27. @Bro Nath,

    Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I am so blessed and honoured to have you. How is you and all yours? I say Amen to your prayer. Have a great week :)


    Absolutely right Jane. There is no such thing as praying too much. Praying is one thing we can do while we wait... Remember, "those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength..."
    Thanks for the visit Jane. I look forward to more of you :)

  28. There are things in life that you just have to wait to happen instead of making it rush, like love. It will come at the right time, with the right person and of course for the best reason. But I'm not saying that you always need to wait for something, there are also time that you must do something better in order to make it happen, like for example when you're courting a girl. You just have to do the first move if you want that girl. You'll need to make it straight from the heart.. =)

  29. Deathsoul, the point of this post is not about not waiting... rather it's about not wasting while we wait. While you wait, what are you doing to make sure the wait is worth it by the time the deal is done. you get what i mean?

  30. right now im going through that waiting phase  and its sooo annoying. This post has taught me something, I need to keep moving till I get a job!

  31. I am glad this post was useful to you Sisi Yemmie. God will see you through this phase of your life such that you'd maximize it very well. What is yours will not elude you in Jesus' name. Amen

  32. Thanks many young lads need to read this. It is very important to develop and build urself while waiting.


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