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On the 5th of November 2008, History had its course on the lives of many. Forty years ago, one man named Rev Martin Luther King (Jnr) died for a cause because of the dream he had. He never stop screaming and shouting about it. His cry was heard by many ears in his time. His popular sermon often had these words "I have a dream". Here and now, that dream has surfaced. Indeed, dreams come through. If a man has a dream, even if he goes down to the grave, his dream will still be alive fighting hard to break to lime light. Barrack Obama, many might not agree, is the fulfillment of that dream today - forty years after.

Its a dawn of a new America, One Nation, United. Its a dawn of a new era of Hope and outstanding movement towards restoration of all that has been lost in the country. When that man in question stepped on the podium today, his first four words touched my heart "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE". The reason for this note is not to celebrate one man over the other but to make every reader of this believe in their dreams. If you have stopped dreaming, its high time you carried your pillows for a good sleep again and start getting those dreams back; if you have stopped believing, its high time you beat your chest with hope and start seeing impossibilities becoming possible.

Obama made a statement at the closing seconds of his speech that also touched me; "while we breath, we hope..." he said I then added mine "while we live, we dream" . Beloved, as long as we are still on this planet called earth, its high time we noted its a planet where dreams come through. A man can die but his dreams can never die. One thing that amazes me is whether a dream is positive or negative, its hard to stop it. Hitler almost had his dream of wiping out the whole Jewish race off the earth if not that God stopped him. How much more if we dream good and positively. It will sure come through.

Let me end this with a scripture I believe was fulfilled before all of our eyes today "Whatsoever is born of God, overcomes the world..." If your dream is born of God, it will sure overcome all hurdles (race, religion, sex, whatever). DREAM BIG because no dream is too big. DREAM WIDE because no dream is too wide. DREAM DEEP because no dream is too deep to come through. God has shown to us through Obama today and the whole world seats to watch what I call "THE AUDACITY OF HOPE"

Thanks for reading.

- Le Dynamique Professeur

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