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When Fear Knocks... How do you answer?


Once a King was on a voyage in his ship when a great storm arose. One of his slaves who had never been at sea, began to cry out of fear. Nobody could silence him and he continued to cry louder and louder, yelling and shouting in everyone's ears. In anger, the King asked; "Is there no one on this ship capable of silencing this coward? All the King's advisers could not utter a word. A passenger on the ship arose and said "I think I can silence him provided you give me full permission to do as I please with him". Anxious to see what the passenger will do; the King without hesitating gave his orders; "Go ahead, you have my permission."

The passenger then called a few of the King's soldiers and ordered them to throw the slave into the Sea and they did. Once the slave found himself in the water, he screamed out of fear and thrashed out wildly with his arms and legs trying to swim; but within seconds, the passenger ordered the soldiers to haul him back on board. Back on deck, the slave lay exhausted and frightened, but was absolutely silent. The King was amazed by the sudden change in the slave, and asked for an explanation from the passenger; The passenger replied; "We never realize how well off we are in any situation until we fall into a worse one."

Many of us are like that slave; when fear knocks we give in; we open the door wide in full and utter surrender with our hands raised in the air as if we are capable of doing nothing. I once read about Abraham Lincoln, when he was in the midst of horrors of failure; he was fond of saying "And this too, will soon pass". He never gave in to fear or failure. He possessed that strong notion within him, that its meant to come and pass.

Most people have responded to fear in the most dreadful of ways. Some by committing suicide, some by dropping out of school, some selling off their properties, some end up with high blood pressure, some end up getting drunk to forget their fears, some end up even committing murder: Many ways lots of people have responded to their fears without knowing that its not the situation that matters, but how we respond to it. I love this wonderful quote by Georges Danton, the first president of the committee of safety during the French revolution; he said "In order to conquer, what we need is to dare, still to dare and always to dare" Not to surrender to fear and lose hope.

Men and Women who succeed and eventually make it in life and destiny, are those who do not give up. Men and Women whose response to fear is "And this too, will soon pass". My motivation for this post is to make everyone possess that unquenchable, strong hearted believe that no matter what we are passing through now, " will soon pass". No need to give up; no need to surrender to fear. When fear knocks, don't reply and if it persist, simply say "And this one too, will soon pass". I assure you, in a matter of time, it will pass and the silver at the edge of the cloud will show up; the sunshine after the rain will show up; the way that seem like an end, will suddenly show up as a bend.

DONT GIVE UP, MY FRIEND! "And this one too, will soon pass"

- Le dynamique professeur

story gotten from; "Dare to Fail: Wisdom in failure" By Billi P.S. Lim

Examination is not for your Damnation but for your Exaltation


My heart beats pumps more than usual at this examination I am about to take. I notice the pumping started about two days ago when I realized, its my final examination for the course I am presently undertaking. I must confess, its like all my life, I used to love exams. I can't wait for examination times to come and get them cleared and off to the next class or level. But this one seem different; it seem everything points to the fact that I should not be expecting or happy and like feel as though the examination should be postponed or converted to projects. Suddenly I paused at my thoughts and asked myself; "what is wrong with you, Samuel; Examination is not for your damnation but for your exaltation"

Dear Reader, there is no promotion without examination. No going higher without a test. For every next step one would attain in life, no matter the ramification, there will always be a test to go through. Many atimes we are defeated even before the test comes and invariably, we tend to fail such tests. Some may ask; "Should one be happy when an examination period is drawing near?" My answer is YES! The reason why you should be happy is that, its time for your rising; its time for you moving up; its time for your exaltation; its time to show what you've got to get to where you really belong and ought to be - the next Level.

I just love this quote by Lena Horne "It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it." Yes! Its not the examination that causes failure atimes but the way we look at the examination. Our perception of it. Someone says "It's the constant and determined effort that breaks down all resistance, sweeps away all obstacles". We must learn the act of determination and diligence to deterrate the best from our inside when examination comes.

I have repented and determined to look forward to this exam coming my way, knowing fully well that it would be the best examination so far in my educational history. You too can make this resolution from today onwards, to view examination not with fright and scare but with joy as you cant just wait to get to the next level.

I wish you the best and see you at the top.

- Le dynamique professeur

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