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Be Informed so you wont be deformed


Someone said "If you are not informed, you will soon be deformed". Another puts it this way; "If you are not updated, you will soon be outdated". The truth of the statements above is that they are relevant not withstanding the environment, generation of community. No one can debate them. Information is very relevant to growing your career, making effective decisions and ultimately, managing your relationships. In this present dispensation, several information are crucial if you must remain relevant and these include where you are (of course, if you don't know where you are, your destination would be hard to find); who you are; what is happening around you; what is about to happen; who are the the important players in your environment and so on. If all these are not known, life might be miserable and confusing. You are likely to remain clueless, endlessly searching for answers.

My Dad today, gave me a call and he was like, "Samuel, you wouldn't believe as a student pass holder, you could have a dependant pass under you either being obtained by your sisters or any of your parents" I said to myself "that's great news!"... but I didn't know that before. Although, I am someone who loves research; I always want to be informed and updated of happenings around me, but I was lacking as regards that particular information maybe because I was too busy.

Don't be too busy to be informed or else you will soon loose form. That's the truth. Perhaps you are too busy with your job and you don't even have time to check out other opportunities that lie around you; it might interest you to know that very soon, people below you will overtake you while you are busy kicking around in the name of 'busy'. Information is one thing you cant do without. Before you embark on that journey, check out for the kind of hotels you will stay there and information about transport in the city. Reminds me of one man that came to meet my Dad in his office the other day after been stranded in Singapore for hours; he asked Dad, "sir, where can I get a bus to Japan". Apparently, he had been told he could get a bus to Japan from Singapore. Lack of the right information could embarrass you; so do your homework well. Check out the laws of the land where you are going into as a stranger. Read about the culture of the place; what to say and what not to whisper talk less of joke around with.

Information in itself has become a powerful resource in our world such that lots of organisation and even nations now use as a competitive edge over their counterparts. You cannot undermine the power of information. Some group of countries are now referred to as information society because of their ability to harness the power of Information Technology for their growth and development.

Another point; be informed, before you perform. Many a people wait for panic times before they plan; before the garner information about that next phase of their life. That's a ridiculous idea. It kills! Plan Ahead; gather information far ahead of time not when you are in the panic mood and you are rushing. You might rush in and then rush out. It has happened to me before and at such situations the only word you will find coming out of your mouth is "had I know" Information sometimes has the key to unlocking what has happened, what is happening and what might happen between space and time.
My last word on this; please be informed; and stay in form!

- Le dynamique professeur

See opportunities dont find excuses...

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In this generation, I have discovered that one of the reasons why people fail to succeed is the fact that they never fail to give excuses. In everything they do, in every situation they come by, they just would find an excuse; they just would see a reason for not performing upto expectation.

In the bible, when Adam sinned and God was asking where he was, he answered; "it is the woman you gave to me..." God was not even asking why did you eat the fruit of the tree? But you will see that it is inherent in every man to want to find excuses for, in and about everything. One other thing I have seen in life is that those who leave their lives based on excuses, never leave where they are. They are the stagnant ones in the race of life.
Excuses make dark the atmosphere. It makes everything seem as if there is no way out. It gives you a reason to stay while others are moving on. It makes you feel you are safe in your comfort zone while others are taking the risk and siezing the opporunities in life to make it, to help someone and to move ahead.
Someone say "excuse is a curse, opportunities are a blessing". Excuses are easily seen. "For anything you are do, if you seek an excuse not to do it, you will defintely find one; likewise if you seek an opportunity in it, you will find" - Sam Adeyemi. There is this definition of excuse I love so much "Excuses are lies we tell ourselves to avoid dealing with unpleasant truths. But as long as we buy into those excuses, we can never move past them." - Steve Pavlina. To make it in life, to grow and leave where you are; you have to decide to leave excuses out of your life confronting the real issues with conciousness and courage.
Abraham Lincoln who after failing for so many times in his life found opportunities that lies in failing and said "Failure is not an excuse". I notice if people fail when they are young, they say "its because I am young..." for the old ones, they will say "its because I am getting old, thats why..." I have read of a man who got his PhD at the age of 85. Some would ask for what? he had dreamt of it, he had seen it and he actualized it. How long will you drift along without working towards your dream? Excuses, procastination can become a full-time occupation (which is dangerous for some who wants to make it in life). Some people have become experts at giving excuses. Excuses and procastination aren't just thieves of time but are likewise thieves of destiny, dreams and visions because they will never allow you to see beyond where you are.

In the bible, the children of Isreal were stucked in between the Egyptians and the Red Sea and God was saying "Go forward". The Israelites told Moses, their leader, let go back to slavery in Egypt or else we will all die in the red sea. God was seeing them beyond the red sea, they saw themselves in slavery still after being delivered. Until God had to open the red sea in other for the opportunity that lies ahead of them to be blunt enough for their ignorance. Dont wait till that time my friend, that which seem as a task ahead of you, is an opportunity in disguise, let not your excuse, excuse you from the destiny that lies ahead of you. You can make it!
- Le dynamique professeur

Remove the clay, Uncover the Gold


In the mid-twentieth century, in Bangkok, Thailand, the government wanted to build a large highway through a village. Yet in the path of the planned road was a Buddhist monastery with a little chapel, so they had to relocate the monastery - including a heavy, eleven-foot clay statue of buddha - to another place. Using a crane, the government workers moved the monastery in sections.

When the workers transported the statue of Buddha to the new location and began to lower it into place, however, the clay on the statue started to crumble and fall off. The people were afraid because this was a precious religious symbol to them, and they didn't want it to be destroyed. Yet the more the workers tried to place the statue, the more it fell apart until, eventually, all the clay was falling off. Suddenly, the workers stared in amazement because, as the clay fell away, something unexpected was revealed.

The statue was pure gold underneath. Before the statue was moved, people thought it worth about fifty thousand dollars. Today, that golden Buddha is worth millions and, because of the story behind it, is visited by hundreds of thousands of people every year.


Some people have been so carried away by happenings around them so much that they have underestimated what lies in them and what can be done through them. So many are living as clay vessels when in the true sense, they are pure, priceless gold on the inside. The key to unlocking this reality is seeing beyond your circumstances, your limitations, your environment, people's opinion about you, your salary/wage, your bonuses and so on.

"Look behind; you find regret, look around; you get worry, look before you; you see progress" - anonymous

This is the gospel that needs to invade the hearts and mind of this present generation. The past is past and the present is about to become past, why not see possibilities in the future and forget about the past. The future is not ten, fifteen, twenty years ahead, its now, the next minute, your next action, your next move, your next employment, your next plan.

Many, like the Buddha statue in the story need to be relocated in order for them to discover the gold in them. Some need to be in some measure of discomfort in order for their priceless gold to be unveiled. Some need forces of life to push them around a little before they get to understand the stuffs they are made of on the inside. What you have on your inside will continue to reside until you decide to turn the tide.

Life awaits the greatness in you; the whole world is earnestly waiting to see what you have on your inside; Nature is eager to experience that inner rich deposits in you; you are an embodiment of natural resource that cannot be undermined nor underestimated by any economic retrogression or financial incapability.

"life is about what resides on your inside not much about what presides over your outside" - anonymous.

- Le dynamique professeur

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