The power of your mentality over your ability


I know you can't wait to read this post but I'd first like to put forward an exercise: 

If I were to give you 5million dollars this minute; think about 5 actions you will take two days as a result?

Before you read on; take about 5mins to list down those 5 things. Are you done?
Now you can read the rest of the post.

See, that simple exercise says a whole lot about your financial mentality. If you have a wrong mentality financially, no matter how educated you are, you are always going to get it wrong. I read about the story of Mike Tyson, the once highly acclaimed boxer. Tyson with his hands made USD$300million early in his career but in 2003, he declared bankruptcy. The question is; what happened to the money? Answer: His Mentality happened! The question of success in life, is often a question of your mentality.

If you have the wrong mentality about something, your ability or capability makes no sense. For instance, if you want to get married and you have the wrong mentality about marriage, no matter how loving or caring you are; your marriage will not last. If you want to start a business and your mentality is just wrong, you will soon close down. I met someone who dropped out of school in his final year and when I asked him why; he said "It was too hard; too full on". How then did you see the first few years through and you dropped out when you're almost done; was the question that kept ringing in my head?

Think of your mentality as a spectacle. It is the way you see and interpret things. The way you see events in your life influences the way you act or react to them. Imagine a shortsighted person wearing a spectacle made for someone with Long-sightedness? Such a person will soon fall into the ditch; it's only a matter of time. Wear the right spectacle for the events in your life because "if you change the way you see things, the very things you see change".

I am sure you're probably wondering; how do I change my mentality? Watch out for my next post: 5 ways to change your spectacle. 

5 People you must have in your life in 2014


The importance of having the right people in your life cannot be overemphasized. The people you have in your life influence the way you act; how you overcome the challenges you face and most importantly whether you will fulfill purpose. One thing that makes life go round is our relationship with people. Move with the right people and your life's wheels will spin in the right direction. On the other hand, if you move with the wrong people, you may find yourself in life's bottomless pit.

To help you on this important aspect of your life, I have come up with a list of 5 people you must have in your life if you want to fulfill purpose. Come with me...

1. The Believer
If you were to face a giant in a boxing ring and you think you cannot make it but you find someone screaming behind you words of affirmation like, "Yes, you can", the giant in you will rise to the tune. Before you know it, you will find yourself trading punches with the giant. If you must make it in life, be in the company of at least one or two people who believe in you and your dreams.

2. The Mentor
Just like believers, mentors believe in you but they don't just stop there; they go the extra mile to see you become the man/woman of your dreams. The see your potential from afar, long before you even perceive it in yourself. They challenge you to do more; go the extra mile; push even further; they guide you towards the path of excellence. Even if you give up on yourself, they just won't give up on you. They stimulate your interest from time to time by teaching you new things, expanding your horizon or simply affirming what you already know about yourself or your future without making you feel pushed or manipulated. 

3. The Realist
Often times, successful people are full of fantasies forgetting we still have to deal with reality. The realists in your life remind you of this. Their essence in your life is to help you balance your dreams with reality. They help you place your goals in the context of life; which helps you see clearly, make intelligence analysis and help you work even harder.

4. The Constructive Critic
Take note of the word "constructive"; you don't need a destructive critic in your life. They will drain your motivation and energy in no time. In fact, spending time is a waste of time. However, you do need people in your life, who will from time to time, give you constructive feedback about how you are doing, what you are doing that you should not be doing or perhaps what you are not doing but should be doing. Their influence in your life can help you see things from a different angle every time as they open your eyes to your blind-spots.

5. The Optimist/Encourager
If everyone you have around you are pessimists, you will soon become one. They will daily share their fears with you till you lose your dream and you become afraid of moving forward. However, if you have people around you who see opportunities in every challenge, beloved, there's hardly a mountain you'd not be motivated to climb. A typical example of this was Jonathan in David's life in the bible. He was the optimist in David's life that kept David going even against His father. These people are like fuel in your engine. You need them! Many of them.

Thanks for reading once again. Endeavour to share with friends and family. STAY INSPIRED!

© 2014 | Samuel Ekundayo, PhD

5 Things I bet you don't know about yourself


I am sure you're wondering; how can you tell me things I don't know about myself? Do you even know me? I've once thought to myself "shouldn't the best person I know be me?" I mean, I wake up with myself daily; I own the thoughts I think in my head and the life I live is mine; well, God-given. However, I have recently discovered a few things about myself that I almost never realised existed! I am quite sure these 5 things I am about to share, you hardly know about yourself too.

1. You can become anything you set your mind on to achieve
 Often times, you give up even before you start. It's like you're living life on a roller coaster. But when you know this truth about yourself, you will see every opportunity with a different spectacle. In the last three months, I have acquired some skills that are almost beginning to pay dividends. Just out of the blue, people are asking to pay for a skill I only picked within 3-4 months. It's amazing what you can achieve when you set your mind on things.

2. You have everything you need within you to become who you want to be
You know how you look up to the celebrities and wonder; "are these guys even human?" Yes, they are. They are only harnessing the power of the potentials on their inside. Guess what; you have some potentials within you nobody else has. Until you come to this realisation, you will always give up even before you start.   

3. Situations and circumstances do not define who you are or your abilities
Many things happen to us in life that makes us feel inadequate or perhaps look at ourselves as failures. Our weaknesses show up and we feel disgraced. Many at points like this break or take a break; some others accept the challenge and end up breaking records. You should be the latter. Situations don't define who you are; they tell you a lot about yourself than you knew.

4. If you give your best, you will be the BEST!
The reason you are not known for that thing you've been giving your time to is because you are yet to give your best. Wait, maybe you think what you are giving currently is your best; well then, try pushing a little more. History makers PUSH! Record breakers are often relentless! They find a gap and they fill it! They don't stop at trying; they give their BEST!

5. What you devote your life to lives on after you!
If you devote your life to customer service, your star will shine way after you're dead and gone. I guess the question every potentially successful person should always ask is: "What do I want to remembered for?" Imagine consciously looking for an answer to that question daily? You challenges will have no effect on your life; obstacles will know not to mess with you; you will command situations to your favour; even your critics will no choice but to say good things about you. A life well lived is a life lived ON PURPOSE!

One thing we're hardly ever thankful for...


The most grateful ones amongst us thank God every day. However, what we often thank God for are tangible things like shelter, food, protection, provision, our car(s) and so on. Recently I came about one thing I have hardly ever thanked God for.

My wife and I were watching a movie the other day and a rich man, with a very lovely family had an accident. He was taken to the hospital and after a few days in coma, he came back alive. At least, thank God for life right? Something went with the accident though; his MEMORY!

The man could hardly recall a thing about himself, his surrounding or his family. He saw his wife and asked "who is this?". He was taken home yet he continued asking "where is this?" His memory had failed him. There and then, I realised, the basic unit of every thing we own is our memory.

If you lose your memory today, you are as good as a new born baby just learning to live life or the shell of a broken egg. If you're an expert like me in one field or the other, you would have no memory of that thing you got a PhD in talkless of being able to talk about. You are likely to lose your job; your family will have a hard time being around you (and vice versa). Your memory is your wealth; just as much as your health.

Indeed, when there is life there is hope but when you lose your memory alive, people around you can only hope for a miracle. Why not take a minute today and say, "THANK YOU JESUS FOR MY MEMORY."

Please share this note with your friends and family. We all need to be thankful.

© 2014 | Samuel Ekundayo, PhD

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